I am a co-founder of the Massachusetts Collaborative Law Council and co-founder and member of Northshore Collaborative Divorce.

I have presented before the Massachusetts Council of Family Mediators and serve as a mediator or arbitrator for various other organizations.

I received my formal training in negotiation and mediation at the Harvard Law School Program of Instruction for Lawyers and the Center for Dispute Settlement in Washington, D.C.

I am a Senior Trainer for The Negotiation Skills Company for whom I have trained negotiators in the U.S., Canada, and Great Britain.

Judges have appointed me to serve as a Discovery Master (to act in the place of the judge), Special Master (to obtain a certain result), Guardian ad Litem (to investigate issues) and as Divorce Conciliator (to help settle pending divorce cases).

I am certified to provide Limited Representation Services.

My Services for Clients Facing Divorce, Modification or Contempt:

My Goal for Each Client:

My goal with you, as a client, is to achieve a positive settlement as quickly as possible. To do this, I help you determine your special needs and goals then recommend the best divorce Approach for you.

I Meet Your Special Needs with the Following Services:

REPRESENTATION IN:  Collaborative Divorce,   Divorce Mediation, Adversarial Divorce, Divorce Arbitration, Limited Assistance Representation.

As your Collaborative Attorney, I use my special training to work collaboratively with you, your spouse and your spouse’s Collaboratively trained attorney to resolve all issues without the threat, or fear of litigation. In Collaborative Divorce, both attorneys must be certified to practice Collaborative Divorce.

As your Mediation Attorney, I will be on “the sidelines” available to you to answer questions and review and advise on proposed agreements made with your spouse during mediation. If a stalemate on any issue is reached during mediation, and if appropriate, I will counsel you on the benefit of resolving the stalemate by arbitration.  If necessary, I will then represent you as your Arbitration Attorney (see below).

As your Settlement Attorney in Adversarial Divorce, I work to achieve a positive resolution for you on any issue preventing settlement.  For your benefit, I will attempt to work with your spouse’s lawyer to get you a positive resolution without a court trial. If a stalemate on any issue is reached, where appropriate, I will seek to have the stalemate resolved by arbitration and represent you as your Arbitration Attorney (see below).

As your Arbitration Attorney, I will zealously represent you at the arbitration hearing where all remaining unresolved issues will be decided.


As a Divorce Arbitrator, I work with the respective attorneys of you and your spouse to identify the issues in stalemate and then resolve those issues through arbitration.

As a Divorce Mediator, I work with you and your spouse, and/or your respective attorneys, if any, to identify individual needs and goals; then I help you and your spouse realize those needs and goals through Mediation.


As a certified Limited Assistance Representation Attorney, I provide you with only the services you specifically retain me to perform in any divorce, modification or contempt dispute.