Mediation Services for Attorneys

As the mediator for your case I will:

Work with you and the other counsel to set a convenient time and place for the mediation session.

Work individually with you and the other counsel to identify the real issues preventing resolution.

Listen to each client describe, in their own words, what their interests and needs are.

Adapt my "resolution style" to the style necessary to achieve resolution.

Work to resolve the issues you bring to me.

  • His perseverance in working toward a settlement even when it initially appeared that there could be no resolution paid off for everyone involved. My client was very pleased.

    R. P., Esq., Counsel for plaintiff.
  • Mr. Adamopoulos was courteous, professional, and well-versed on the facts of the case before the mediation session began. He did a fine job of bringing the parties together to settle the matter.

    A. G. C., Esq., Counsel for defendant.
  • The mediator was professional, unbiased and persevering. Settlement was achieved.

    D. J. M., Esq., Counsel for plaintiff.
  • Impressed with your preparation and mediation skills. Helped all parties work toward reasonable resolution of claim. Would use you again and recommend you to others.

    K. J. K., Esq., Counsel for defendant
  • Works diligently to eliminate positional bargaining in favor of more productive inquiry into the real needs of the respective parties and ultimately gets the parties to YES.

    D. E. B., Esq., Counsel for defendant.
  • Case settled on mediation day. Attorney Adamopoulos showed very good preparation, persistence and skill in resolving this matter.

    S. A. W., Esq., Counsel for plaintiff

Mediation Services for Attorneys

Do you represent a client in a divorce or civil matter?

Practical attorneys know that resolving disputes through court litigation is often a lose-lose proposition. Even when a client “wins” in litigation, the final tally of financial and emotional costs may mean a “loss”.

The win-win solution is mediation.

At your client’s option, you either accompany your client to mediation sessions or be “on call” to advise by phone or office conference.

The easy steps to resolution by mediation:

  1. After impasse, you discuss mediation with your client and opposing counsel does the same.
  2. If all agree, a standard Mediation Agreement is executed.

Mediation is appropriate for a single issue or all issues. It can be used to resolve an impasse rising out of the Collaborative or Adversarial Approach.