By Anthony C. Adamopoulos, Divorce Mediator and Collaborative Divorce Counsel


It appears that many parties, after really trying to save their marriage, are now facing divorce but nevertheless are putting their divorce on the back burner. They feel that with the pressures of COVID, inflation, job dissatisfaction, housing cost, etc., comparatively speaking “divorce can be put on the back burner for now”.

In reality, it may be better to deal with divorce (through mediation, Collaborative or litigation) sooner rather than later.

From a positive perspective, dealing with those negative pressures can and do produce a “resilience ability” to face other difficult challenges such as divorce.

Remember, divorce does not have to be destructive; it can be a cooperative constructive effort.  In my mediation and Collaborative practice this is the norm – the cooperative construction of a positive future.

The decision to divorce should not be based on a comparison to external pressures, but rather on each party’s overall well-being and happiness.

With all that is at stake, a professional consultation can help individuals make the decision that is right for them.





2 responses to “Take Your Divorce Off of the Back Burner?”

  1. One should never lose sight of the fact that there is life after divorce should you choose that route. Whatever route you choose, you should vision what a perfect outcome would be. This will give you a clear vision while going through self reflection. If you own property and choose to move forward with the divorce, the typical divorcing homeowner goes through a journey of self-reflection, negotiations, settlement, the mortgage process and hopefully ends with a successful conclusion, bringing peace of mind and closure to both spouses.

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