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  • Attorney Pontisakos Added to Primary Care Attorney Referral Registry

      Very pleased to announce that Attorney Demetra Pontisakos has been added to my Primary Care Attorney Referral Registry. Demetra has over 30 years of experience in family law and practices in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.¬† That means she can handle family law matters that cross state lines.¬† Demetra is a skilled negotiator and litigator. […]


    …USE LAR – LIMITED ASSISTANCE REPRESENTATION LAR lets you hire a specially trained and qualified LAR attorney to help with some of what you must do if you represent yourself, pro se. You Can Hire an LAR lawyer: to go to court with you just one time, or as many times as you want; to […]

  • My Advice for Divorce Month

    By: Anthony C. Adamopoulos, Divorce Arbitrator, Mediator & Collaborative Lawyer   Divorce Month is almost here. In 2016, I saw one of the saddest, unnecessary, adversarial divorces ever. The cost in emotions, future harmony and money was enormous and unnecessary. So again, I urge everyone who is facing divorce to consider seriously staying out of […]

  • Why Collaborative Divorce? – Answered In One Picture.

      February is Divorce Month in Massachusetts because there are so many divorces filed that month. So, it is safe to assume that people are right now considering what process to use, that is – Adversarial, Mediation or Collaborative. Elsewhere in¬†DivorcingOptions.com you can read about these three processes in detail. But, sometimes a picture says […]