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    From Beth: “I recently had an appointment with Anthony Adamopoulos regarding questions I had about filing for divorce. Deciding to take this first step was a terrifying one for me. Attorney Adamopoulos was very approachable and kind, which is extremely important during this very emotional time. He listened to me & answered my questions with […]

  • Why Collaborative Divorce is Different & Better

    By:  Anthony C. Adamopoulos, Divorce Mediator, Arbitrator & Collaborative Lawyer THE DIFFERENCE: The Collaborative Divorce Process is so much better because it is the only process where the attorneys are committed, by written agreement, to concentrate on settlement, AND, if they cannot get a settlement, they cannot represent you in litigation. The difference is truly […]

  • My Advice for Divorce Month

    By:  Anthony C. Adamopoulos, Divorce Mediator, Arbitrator & Collaborative Lawyer Divorce Month is almost here. I urge everyone who is facing divorce to seriously consider staying out of the public adversarial divorce system. Staying out of the “system” generally means choosing one of two processes, either confidential mediation or confidential Collaborative Divorce. If the two […]


    The Holiday Season is often followed by the Decision to divorce – I call it: “The Decision”. For couples with young children, The Decision must consider them. From a child’s point of view, divorce is often seen as the death of a child’s family, at least as the child has known the family.  This “death” […]

  • If We Agree on Everything, How Long Does it Take to Get Through Divorce Mediation?

    By Anthony C. Adamopoulos, Divorce Mediator, Arbitrator and Collaborative Lawyer   Not very long at all. Here is the process: Make an appointment for you and your spouse through my office. You can usually get an appointment within a week. At the first session, about two hours, I will learn what agreements, you and your […]


    …USE LAR – LIMITED ASSISTANCE REPRESENTATION LAR lets you hire a specially trained and qualified LAR attorney to help with some of what you must do if you represent yourself, pro se. You Can Hire an LAR lawyer: to go to court with you just one time, or as many times as you want; to […]

  • What is the Difference Between Divorce Mediation and Collaborative Divorce?

    By Anthony C. Adamopoulos, Divorce Mediator, Arbitrator and Certified Collaborative Lawyer MEDIATION is an independent, voluntary, confidential process conducted by a mediator, who is neutral. Attorneys are not required. The mediator will: Assist you and your spouse in identifying those issues preventing settlement. Explore various avenues to resolution. Develop a settlement resolution acceptable to you […]

  • What is My Primary Care Attorney Referral Registry?

    Congratulations to Attorney Robert (Bob) Jutras.  Bob has been selected as one of the “Ten Best Elder Law Attorneys in Massachusetts”. Bob is a member of my Primary Care Attorney Referral Registry. Besides providing arbitration, mediation and collaborative representation, I am a Primary Care Attorney who will refer you to the experienced lawyer you need. […]

  • Divorce Arbitration is the Way to Go! So……

    A decision of our Appeals Court, Gravlin v. Gravlin, is helpful for those facing divorce. For collaborative divorce attorneys and divorce mediators, the decision confirms that arbitration is the viable alternative to court litigation for resolving a single issue or even taking the place of a full court trial. In Gravlin, the Appeals Court acknowledged “… arbitration has long been recognized […]


    People often wait until “after the holidays” to make the Decision to Divorce.  Since it is such an important Decision, I have put together this post on important considerations. The Holiday Season is often followed by the decision to divorce – The Decision. Deciding to divorce is not easy.  Yet, in Massachusetts, the Decision to […]

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