Here is what a recent client said about my initial consultation with her. My consultations have value added features such as no time limit and suggestions on which divorce process is best for you.

It was Anthony’s demeanor on my first research call that led me to meet with and hire him and to have faith in the collaborative divorce process. At the time, I wasn’t sure which type of divorce would be best. The white paper available on his website really helped me to understand. I was a little concerned since he does charge for the first consultation unlike others. However, during that first face to face visit, I realized that he was adept not only in the collaborative process but also had experience as a mediator. He listened carefully and due to his many years of experience, made a spot-on assessment of my marital situation after a mere half hour. He walked me through the process and let me choose mediated or collaborative, yet he gave me the right clues to make the best decision. I really felt like he knew his stuff and I could trust him to get this done in a cost efficient yet effective way. I hired him right then. The divorce process isn’t easy, but Anthony always kept his cool, made it simple at the core, and advocated the best for me during the Collaborative Divorce Process. I really appreciated that.

B.O. Former client, June, 2022


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