What is a PCR?

Well, you probably have a good PCP, primary care physician, right? And, if you needed a referral to a good arthritis specialist, your PCP would give you a referral, right?
I am a Primary Care Referrer attorney. This means in addition to providing arbitration, mediation and collaborative representation, I act as a Primary Care Referrer attorney who will refer you to the experienced lawyer you need.
For example, I recently received a request for a referral from a client who had slipped, fell and was injured in a store. I was happy to refer this “hurting” client to a respected attorney who is an experienced, recognized personal injury attorney.
My colleague has been active in the greater Boston trial bar since 1985. He has taken numerous cases to verdict – and settled hundreds more. He represents persons in Massachusetts and elsewhere. (In an Ohio case, the jury returned a three million five hundred thousand dollar verdict for his side.) Recently, he received the 2015 President’s Award from the Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys.

The client who called for a referral got a pro. You will also.

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