By Anthony C. Adamopoulos, Certified Divorce Mediator and 2022 Super Lawyer®

So often divorcing parties assume all property will be divided 50/50, many times each spouse has a contrary opinion as to what their rights are.

One thing is clear. You do not have a right to half of the marital assets.

Under the law, all property owned by each party is a marital asset and that property must be divided fairly, not equally.

So, who is going to decide what is fair? A judge you do not know, or the two of you?

If dividing assets is going to be a problem or the two of you just do not know how to do it, you can save a lot of money by having me help with the division; rather than litigating in a court setting.

As your mediator:

  • I work hard with both of you to get a property division quickly and for less cost.
  • I will help both of you identify all property and then, using respected mediation practices, guide the two of you toward a fair property division.
  • When you work with me, the two of you work with just one person and one hourly fee. In litigation, you have two attorneys, and two hourly fees.
  • We work in confidence. Mediation is not public.

Please call for a consultation, have all of your questions answered. It’s a smart move that will save you future costs and anxiety.


©2022 Anthony C. Adamopoulos

I belong to GoodMediationMatchSM if you cannot afford my fees, I will try to match you to a mediator whose fees you can afford.


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