It is not unusual for me to be asked: “How can you help people going through a divorce?”

Well, review and notes from relieved clients, like the ones below, make it all worth it.

I truly do enjoy helping nice people in nasty times.     ACA


If you’re looking for an attorney to open doors in your life, that will help you find the well-deserved peace and happiness you used to have, then look no further. Anthony will give you 150% commitment to your cause.

He’s got your back and comes with years of honed experience and compassion.

His skills at negotiating a deal will leave his opponents talking to themselves…  “Did I just give that up?!”

I speak from experience and have witnessed this first hand!

No matter who represents you, divorce is emotionally demanding and can be very expensive, but if you think all this will come at too much cost, then just wait till you get the bill for regret! You’re in the best of hands with Anthony! 

PD, April 28, 2023, recent client.

Subsequent note from PD, May 1, 2023. 

I can’t thank you enough for all your guidance and wisdom! Thank you for your generosity too in your billing. Much appreciated.


Anthony is a certified Collaborative Divorce attorney. He was a co-founder of the Massachusetts Collaborative Law Council and North Shore Collaborative Divorce

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