By Anthony C. Adamopoulos, Divorce Mediator and Certified Collaborative Divorce Attorney.

The Holiday Season is often followed by the Decision to Divorce.

For couples with young children, their Decision can have an indelible and devastating effect on their children. Children often see divorce as the death of their family as they have known it.

The Decision and the Process used has constructive or damaging ramifications. That is exactly why couples should take a few extra steps before making the Decision and selecting the Process.

First, talk about the Decision“But, we can’t talk! That’s why we’re divorcing!”   Well listen, if your child was lying in an emergency room and the two of you had to talk and make a decision, would you talk and make the decision?  If your answer is “Of course”, well, in your child’s life, this is just as important.

Talk about:
-Is divorce the only choice?
-Is divorce the only answer?
-Is divorce necessary, while the children are young?

-If Divorce is the answer, what Process will you use?

If you cannot talk, then talk with a Collaborative Divorce Neutral

Collaborative Divorce Neutrals help you decide on divorce and the various processes leading to divorce. Call or email me now for the names of great divorce neutrals.


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