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  • Divorce Arbitration is the Way to Go! So……

    A decision of our Appeals Court, Gravlin v. Gravlin, is helpful for those facing divorce. For collaborative divorce attorneys and divorce mediators, the decision confirms that arbitration is the viable alternative to court litigation for resolving a single issue or even taking the place of a full court trial. In Gravlin, the Appeals Court acknowledged “… arbitration has long been recognized […]


    People often wait until “after the holidays” to make the Decision to Divorce.  Since it is such an important Decision, I have put together this post on important considerations. The Holiday Season is often followed by the decision to divorce – The Decision. Deciding to divorce is not easy.  Yet, in Massachusetts, the Decision to […]

  • DIVORCE WORKSHOP – Take the Next Step and Untie the Knot

    Getting Divorced? This half-day workshop on taking the next step toward untying the knot will cover the legal, financial, family and personal issues that are often encountered during the divorce process. How do I get divorced and where do I start? Is Mediation better and less expensive than Litigation? Will I get or have to […]

  • My Advice for Divorce Month

    By: Anthony C. Adamopoulos, Divorce Arbitrator, Mediator & Collaborative Lawyer   Divorce Month is almost here. In 2016, I saw one of the saddest, unnecessary, adversarial divorces ever. The cost in emotions, future harmony and money was enormous and unnecessary. So again, I urge everyone who is facing divorce to consider seriously staying out of […]

  • IF YOU KNOW SOMEONE FACING DIVORCE…this may help when they come to you for help. By Anthony C. Adamopoulos, arbitrator, mediator, collaborative attorney

    Because people often wait until “after the holidays” to make the Decision to Divorce, February is Divorce Month. Since it is such an important Decision, I have put together this post on important considerations. If someone facing divorce comes to you, I hope this article will help. First Step – Think about how divorce will […]

  • Lowering My Hourly Rate by Attorney Joryn Jenkins

    Here is a real testament to the value of Collaborative divorce from a divorce trial attorney who has seen more of the negative side to court divorce than an any non lawyer could ever see. If you are facing divorce, a few minutes reading this opinion piece by divorce trial attorney Joryn Jenkins could have […]

  • Must Reads for Divorcing Couples by Susan Lillis, Attorney at Law

    My colleague, Susan Lillis from Ipswich, has compiled an invaluable list of “readings” in response to often asked questions. Please take the time to check out her fine work. Her office is located Ipswich River Place 4 South Main St., Suite 9, Ipswich, MA 01938   It’s been said that nothing can prepare you for […]

  • “Who does court trials anymore?”

    By Anthony C. Adamopoulos (© 2015) So the city-attorney and the country-attorney were talking when the country-attorney raised concerns about her upcoming divorce trial: Country-attorney: – I hope we get the scheduled judge, I hope it goes off as scheduled, etc., etc. City-attorney: -Who does court trials anymore? Country-attorney: What do you mean? What do […]


    PART TWO For PART ONE – WHY CONFIDENTIAL DEADLOCK ARBITRATIONsm Making the decision to arbitrate: Deadlock Arbitrationsm can be used to resolve deadlock arising out of the Collaborative or Mediation process. After deadlock, attorneys discuss arbitration with their clients. Pro se litigants discuss arbitration between themselves. If all agree, an Arbitration Agreement is executed. The […]

  • Why Collaborative Divorce? – Answered In One Picture.

      February is Divorce Month in Massachusetts because there are so many divorces filed that month. So, it is safe to assume that people are right now considering what process to use, that is – Adversarial, Mediation or Collaborative. Elsewhere in you can read about these three processes in detail. But, sometimes a picture says […]

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