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  • A Question Often Asked – Will I have to pay both child support and alimony?

    By:    Anthony C. Adamopoulos, Divorce Mediator, Arbitrator & Collaborative Lawyer Generally, alimony will not be granted where total family income does not exceed $250,000.00. Over this amount, the judge first determines if there is a need for alimony. To do this, the judge considers the income of each party. (The person receiving child support includes […]


    …USE LAR – LIMITED ASSISTANCE REPRESENTATION LAR lets you hire a specially trained and qualified LAR attorney to help with some of what you must do if you represent yourself, pro se. You Can Hire an LAR lawyer: to go to court with you just one time, or as many times as you want; to […]

  • Divorce Arbitration is the Way to Go! So……

    A decision of our Appeals Court, Gravlin v. Gravlin, is helpful for those facing divorce. For collaborative divorce attorneys and divorce mediators, the decision confirms that arbitration is the viable alternative to court litigation for resolving a single issue or even taking the place of a full court trial. In Gravlin, the Appeals Court acknowledged “… arbitration has long been recognized […]

  • How to Save Money when Divorcing

    By: Anthony C. Adamopoulos, Divorce Mediator and Collaborative Attorney ©2020 In every divorce there are non-law issues. Some are as basic as “Who gets the college chest”? or as complicated as “Where will the children primarily live”? Attorneys and smart parties are now using professional neutrals (also called coaches) to save money and still resolve […]

  • Why Collaborative Divorce? – Answered In One Picture.

      February is Divorce Month in Massachusetts because there are so many divorces filed that month. So, it is safe to assume that people are right now considering what process to use, that is – Adversarial, Mediation or Collaborative. Elsewhere in DivorcingOptions.com you can read about these three processes in detail. But, sometimes a picture says […]