Free Educational Program – Chart Your Course to a Better Divorce

Do you know someone who is about to face divorce?  Here is an opportunity for that person to learn about the sanest divorce process there is.

On September 14th at The Danvers Library (Peabody Institute) in Danvers, I will be appearing with other professionals in a free educational program, “Chart Your Course to a Better Divorce” addressing how Collaborative Divorce may be a better way to divorce. The program will review the basic legal, emotional and financial issues commonly encountered during the divorce process.

Collaborative Divorce takes a team approach to divorce negotiations. The “team” consists of both parties, their respective attorneys, a neutral facilitator to address emotional and communication challenges which may arise and a neutral financial professional to help gather and understand financial information. All of the professionals have been Collaboratively Certified. Only attorneys who are certified are qualified to practice Collaborative Divorce.

The North Shore professionals will explain how Collaborative Divorce differs from divorce mediation and divorce litigation. They will also describe the Collaborative benefit of confidentiality of negotiations and the sensitive and informal approach that allows the parties to control the agenda and pace of the process.

Chart Your Course to a Better Divorce

September 14, 2019
 9:30 am to 11:30 am
Danvers (Peabody Institute) Library, Danvers




(978) 744-9591




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